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SaaS Security Breadth and Depth

What Is SaaS Misconfiguration Management?

SSPM automates Misconfiguration Management by identifying security drifts across all SaaS application security controls, providing detailed step-by-step remediation. Oversee continuous security checks for full visibility and control of all settings across all applications, users, user devices, and security domains. Complete in-depth security checks with contextual recommendations to deliver comprehensive security coverage. While the breadth of applications monitored is key to ensuring a full security coverage, the depth of coverage is just as important.

Automate Misconfiguration Management

Misconfigured SaaS settings are one of the leading causes of SaaS data breaches, stolen SaaS data, and SaaS ransomware. Security teams have no visibility into security-related aspects of these apps that in most cases are managed by the business departments. With SSPM you can automate the process.

App Breadth & Security Depth

Complete in-depth security checks into settings for every application and every user, with contextual recommendations to deliver comprehensive security coverage.

Prioritize Risk Management

Sort and filter misconfigurations by application, security domain, level of risk, and compliance to prioritize and manage different areas of the SaaS security posture.

Guided Remediation

Step-by-step descriptions and impact reports so the security teams and app owners know exactly how to fix the issue and which users will be impacted by the configuration change, by creating a ticket or auto-remediating.

Compliance Mapping

Security checks are aligned with major industry and government security standards, including SOC2 and NIST, so security teams can see how SaaS security posture impacts compliance scores. You can also Bring Your Own Compliance.



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