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Security teams struggle to associate devices used to access the SaaS stack with users. When devices containing vulnerabilities log in to the application, they are unable to address it.

Who is Tenable

Tenable is a leader in risk-based vulnerability management. With its innovative approach, Tenable enables organizations to prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities based on their potential impact on business operations. Through advanced analytics and continuous monitoring, Tenable provides actionable insights to bolster cybersecurity defenses and minimize risk exposure.


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How do we work with Tenable?

Tenable’s integration with Adaptive Shield enables security teams to achieve full zero trust SaaS coverage. It associates users with devices and identifies high-privilege users accessing sensitive material using a high-risk device. By providing context and visibility, security teams can identify high-privilege users accessing applications on high-risk devices.

We’re excited to bring Adaptive Shield into our technology ecosystem, providing customers with increased visibility and context across their attack surface
Ray Komar Vice President of Technical Alliances at Tenable

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