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CNAPP and SSPM each secure a distinct area in the cloud ecosystem. However, cloud environments and SaaS applications each face similar threats from common threat actors.

Who is Wiz?

WIZ is a prominent cloud security company known for its innovative approach to cloud visibility and risk management. Through its platform, WIZ enables organizations to gain deep insights into their cloud infrastructure, identify potential vulnerabilities, and proactively mitigate risks. With a focus on simplicity and scalability, Wiz empowers businesses to secure their cloud environments effectively.

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How do we work with Wiz?

WIZ’s integration with Adaptive Shield helps bridge the gap between cloud instances and SaaS applications. By sharing data between the two platforms, the platforms’ threat detection tools have a far richer dataset to work with while reviewing issues, configurations, users, and logs.

Organizations are paying particular attention to how they secure their SaaS applications. Joint customers can leverage this integration to use security data provided by WIZ to improve the posture of all their SaaS apps including WIZ. This is a winning combination
Oron Noah Director of Product Management at WIZ

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