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Identity is the new perimeter securing your SaaS applications. So, how can security teams fortify identity security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their stack?

Who is Okta?

Okta is the leader in identity and access management solutions, offering robust authentication and authorization services for businesses of all sizes. With its cloud-based platform, Okta enables organizations to securely manage user identities and access privileges across various applications and devices. Leveraging industry-leading encryption and multi-factor authentication, the company ensures data security while facilitating seamless user experiences.

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How do we work with Okta?

Okta’s integration with Adaptive Shield enables security teams to enhance their Identity Security through governance and management activities that reduce risk from over-privileged access. It provides a consolidated view of user accounts, permissions, and privileged activities from across the SaaS stack.

Okta is committed to creating a world where anyone can safely use any technology. This includes SaaS-based solutions that have become imperative to businesses as they evolve and become more decentralized
Austin Arensberg Senior Director, Okta Ventures

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